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Dale Carnegie Course

Effective Communications and Human Relations

This course is the instructor-led live online version of the world-famous Dale Carnegie Course®.
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About this course

About This Course

Whether you are starting out in your career or have reached a point where you could use a reboot, the methodology of the Effective Communications and Human Relations online course can provide the mindset and the skillset to achieve better and different results. Expand both your personal and professional capabilities and capacity with intentionality. The Effective Communications and Human Relations online course will give you confidence and competence to gain the command you need in your career and personal life. 

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What You’ll Learn

The Effective Communication and Human Relations online course equips you to:

1. Build on confidence and personal leadership competence.

2. Strengthen skills in relating to others and build inclusivity in your organization.

3. Enhance skills to communicate logically, clearly, and concisely. Energize and engage listeners. And listen with empathy.

4. Develop leadership skills to take charge of your life, be more flexible and innovative, inspire others, and motivate others to action.

5. Power yourself to control attitudes and reduce stress so you can be at your optimum best.

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Why you want to learn it

Discover how to better respond to today’s challenges and create a ripple effect throughout your organization. Change your approach to tap into trust and build inclusion. Form closer, more rewarding relationships built on trust and respect. Gain ways to project an upbeat and contagious attitude, discover ways to manage stress and minimize worry, encourage positive thinking, and commit to continuous improvement.


Start with Self. Connect with Others. Enhance Teamwork. Influence Change.

These elements are woven together throughout Effective Human Relations and Communications online course, enhancing both the mental change and the behavior change needed to achieve your goals and affect performance change within your organization and beyond.


Start with Self: Every change begins with the self. Deepening our understanding of our natural tendencies as humans and our need for belonging helps clarify why it takes active work by each of us to change. Gaining insight into our attitudes, opinions and thoughts helps us identify and confront our fears. Building our resilience and self-confidence enables us to engage in honest exchanges with ourselves and others. As we gain empathy, we develop a genuine desire to create environment of trust. To accomplish this, this course addresses the following session objectives:

-Discover how past experiences influence behavior

-Recognize the impact negative stress has on our results and effectiveness

-Commit to using concepts and principles to increase our ability to control stress and worry

-Demonstrate a process to organize our thoughts when thinking on our feet

-Strengthen our personal opinions

-Learn from others how to confront our fears

-Recognize that we can triumph over adversity

-Apply the power of risk-taking

-Become more open-minded to change and opportunity


Connect with Others: None of us works in a vacuum. The need to connect with others to build teamwork and influence begins with a genuine interest in others. Making strong connections is accelerated with the following session objectives:  

-Familiarity with the principles for improving human relations

-A focus on people as individuals

-The need to create a positive first impression

-Use methods to recall names

-Identify opportunities for improving professional relationships

-Influence people through trust and respect


Enhance Teamwork: Strong skills for creating accountability and gaining cooperation helps ensure that people are prepared to speak up, communicate persuasively, look for common ground, discuss difficult topics on which they may disagree, identify when trust is broken and restore it successfully. See how consistent application of the Human Relations Principles improves results. These session objectives help make that happen:

-Persuasively communicate in a clear and concise way that moves people to action

-Discover how relationships help us advance toward our goals

-Communicate our ideas effectively even when we disagree

-Achieve cooperation versus compliance

-Discover the power of finding points of agreement

-Discover how to coach for improved performance  

-Concentrate on the strengths of others

-Discover the value of sincere appreciation

-Develop skills in giving and receiving positive feedback


Influence Change: By having the confidence to speak up, persuade others to action, model desired attitudes and behaviors, we can influence others to change. In the Dale Carnegie Course, we will practice skills to meet these session objectives:

-Communicate with strong and powerful feelings

-Connect with others on an emotional level

-Inspire others to think and act differently

-Positively influence the attitudes of others

-Use positive approaches when coaching people

-Deal with challenging situations more effectively

-Inspire and motivate others by communicating our visions

-Commit to continuous improvement


What You Can Expect During the Course

Expect Thoroughly Trained Trainers: The participants in Effective Communications and Human Relations are made up of both formal and informal leaders. Psychological Safety is emphasized to create a safe place to try out new skills and ideas. The trainers are highly vetted and undergo intense training that is ISO9002 certified to achieve consistent results globally. While part of a global organization, they are connected to your local culture, customs and language.

Expect Breakthroughs: Each time a new skill is introduced, it is practiced the ‘right’ way and coached in the moment before moving it out into your life and work. Once a skill has been tested with clients, team members and others, the group holds itself accountable by reporting back on what did or did not work. This social learning approach makes it possible for everyone to learn from each other’s efforts.  By experiencing a series of successful attempts with positive reinforcement, habits are changed, and new skills are ingrained.

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How it will help you

You will be more equipped to tackle complex challenges, expand your ingenuity, and excel in building team harmony. Use your new skills to achieve measurable results, securing your place as a valued contributor. As you become more adept at influencing, you’ll find yourself inspiring others to take initiative and innovate. The time has come to start leading now!


Who Should Attend

Professionals at all levels who wish to optimize their performance, lead with conviction and positively impact the bottom line. 



The Effective Communications and Human Relations course is designed to meet a variety of schedules, time frames, and learning preferences. 

8 Session: This is the standard instructor-led live online program. This is delivered in 8 online sessions of three hours each. 

12 Session: The course is expanded to a 12-session program. It is an option for organizations to provide this for their team members. The expanded version allows for more coaching and practice, additional modules to practice thinking on feet (impromptu speaking), communicating with conviction, goal setting for a more enthusiastic and positive attitude, reinforcing human relations accountability along with other activities. If you are a person that prefers more time to practice skills, this version is a good option for you. 

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